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Plastics are a good replacement for wood and metals, however, under certain conditions, plastic still has weak points that can impair its properties: it is an optimal material, but not perfect.

Introducing Redco Tuffkast, our innovative product that has the fewest weak points and can therefore solve problems that other plastics simply cannot. Tuffkast is the most common substitute for nylon in areas where nylon suffers deficiencies, such as bearings and sheaves.

To reduce the coefficient of friction, Tuffkast is available in both oil-filled and dry lubricant grades. Tuffkast has excellent wear and impact resistance that is more than double that of nylon. It is higher priced than many engineering-grade plastics, but the superior performance significantly outweighs the expense.

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The higher coefficient of friction than the materials it replaces (such as UHMW) needs to be considered. However, this is generally mitigated by using one of the lubricant-filled grades. Tuffkast is an extremely versatile engineering plastic that can solve many deficiencies that other plastics just cannot.

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