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In the agriculture industry aggregate spouts cause major maintenance headaches. The spouts distribute material like grain, fertilizer and seeds which are highly abrasive. Spout liners have existed to reduce abrasion as replacing the spout is very expensive; however, these liners often have seems which eventually crumple and require replacement of the liner and worse, the accompanying downtime.redco-tufftube

To replace a spout liner has traditionally been a large issue in itself. A crane usually must be called in twice to remove the spout for lining. Cranes are very expensive to rent and this results in further downtime. Fortunately, there is now a solution that addresses all these problems and we our pleased to announce our distribution of Redco™ Tuff-Tube.

Tuff-tube is a seamless one-piece liner made of resilient 80A durometer urethane. Equivalent to harder rubber but with exceptional impingement resistance. Tuff-Tube liner is easily installed requiring only a few minutes and one use of a crane. No elevator bolts are required to stabilize the liner. The Tuff-Tube design ensures that it is impossible for the liner to be fold due to movement of material. To add additional value, once it wears, Tuff-Tube can be easily rotated 180 degrees to expose an unworn surface thus effectively doubling the life of the product.

We believe Redco™ Tuff-Tube to be an outstanding addition to the Redwood Plastics line. For more information click here or contact us today.


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