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We are pleased to announce that Redwood Plastics and Rubber has been granted Exclusive Manufacturing and Distribution Licensing for the Tuff-Stik™ Product Line for North America.

Tuff-Stik™ is a patents-pending aluminum dry kiln stick that provides substantial cost savings over conventional wooden sticks in both automated and manual stacker applications. Tuff-Stik™ offers many advantages over its wooden counterpart in durability, efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased wood drying efficiency & consistency. Tuff-Stik™ is 100% sustainable, provides more than 500 kiln cycle turns, and is offered in two distinct profiles specifically designed to increase mills’ production, maximize drying efficiency, reduce overhead costs and improve quality for both Softwood and Hardwood operations.

Redwood Plastics and Rubber has been a leader in innovative products for the wood products industry for over 50 years. We are excited to continue this success with the addition of Tuff-Stik™ to our Wood Products product line.

Additional information can be found here or by calling 1 877 595 2426 to reach one of our Technical Sales Professionals at your nearest Redwood Plastics and Rubber facility.