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The start of the new year brings fresh possibilities and the plastics industry is no exception. While accurately predicting trends is difficult, we think there is a good possibility the following products could greatly increase in popularity over the 2013 calender.

Plastics in Mining:

The mining industry suffers acutely from maintenance downtime. It’s simple – the amount of materials processed = more profits. To fund expensive mining operations every effeciency has to be maximized. Redco™ mining materials have experienced steady growth including established products such as Nylon pulleys and sheaves along with our emerging Redco™ products like house bump rollers and polycarbonate mirrors. As the benefits of plastics continue to prove themselves in the mining industry, we expect steady growth in 2013.

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Outrigger Pads:

outrigger-pads-machined-grooveRedco™ outrigger pads are already very popular, especially in the oil sands region of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The pads are long-lasting, extremely strong, and will not rot or support microgranism growth. Some mobile crane and concrete pumping companies, for example, still use wooden (or metal) pads. However, as they notice the competition having switched over to the plastic pads, word-of-mouth will lead to a gradual shift in favor of pads that don’t need replacing for many years.

FRP Architectural Materials:

Redco™ Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) materials are already popular in industrial applications where corrosion, difficulty of maintenance and electrical hazards can make metal products undesirable. New FRP products like our Redco™ STRONGRAIL® will make inroads in consumer applications such as new condominiums and beachfront housing. Unlike traditional materials, Redco™ STRONGRAIL® is maintenance free: it will not rot or require repainting yet is aesthetically pleasing.


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