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Truck liners for dump trucks, like outrigger pads, are one of those plastic products it can be difficult to fully appreciate until you have one.  It’s basic psychology – short-term solutions are easier to accept than long-term value. When our sales people discuss truck liners, owner-operators often object to the upfront cost. “How could a plastic liner that costs a few thousand dollars make more sense than spending the few hundred I spend each year on bed repairs?”

First of all you need to factor in the cumulative cost of those repairs. Secondly, you need to ask yourself as an owner-operator, “what is my time worth?” is the downtime on your dump truck worth being off the road or away from your business? Also consider that many operators are so pleased with their liner they take them out of their truck and re-install them in their new truck. Those drivers would not be doing that if there was not value in the product. Thirdly, you need to know that truck liners come in a variety of grades and thicknesses to help suit varying budgets. Starting with the HMW-PE “Econoliners” to the 1/2″ thick UHMW asphalt liners, there is a liner for many budgets. And consider leaving behind the frustrations of manually cleaning out your bed, or “slam dumping” which is hard on equipment.

If you’re doing any of that with your truck…Maybe it’s time for a truck liner.



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