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North America is finally beginning to thaw after our brutal winter.  In areas in the Midwest, Central Canada and the East Coast – crane rental companies, concrete pumpers and even tree service crews are getting ready to take advantage of the upcoming 2014 work season. This is the time of year our customers consider new equipment purchases and Redco™ Outrigger Pads are an excellent investment. These pads are very popular in Europe where wooden pads are illegal in several countries. Wood – while cheap – is an organic material that will rot and could put people and equipment in danger. Unfortunately, North America lags in this simple safety solution that makes sense.

Redco™ Outrigger Pads, made of the engineering-grade plastics UHMW or cast nylon, will not rot, rust or supportRedco-outrigger-padRedco_PadRedco_Pad mold growth. They are UV-stabilized and will provide many years of use. Unlike wood, plastic pads get stronger in cold weather. Money is saved over the long-term as wooden pads do not need to be purchased or made. That time and money does add up! However, your crew also has piece of mind that the critical load of the crane rests not on crack-prone plywood or 2×4’s, but engineering-grade plastic instead.

The outrigger pads are available in a number of options*. Pads can be machined with an anti-slip surface or made out of our superior LUNS material using a non-toxic, integral, coal-slag surface. Pads can made square or round and we can manufacture them from 12″-48″ in diameter.

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