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The conditions in Alaska require a product that can stand up to the test of the harsh elements. With Temperatures as low as -80° and winds reaching up to 120 MPH, any material used needs to excel in these conditions. Time and time again, Strongwell products stand up in these harsh conditions.

Cold weather composites work well in these conditions because they are:

1. Light Weight – This allows for fast installation on the tundra roads, which leads to less environmental impact.

2. Poor Thermal Conductors – This allows for minimal snow and ice accumulation, as well as being an efficient thermal barrier.

3. Dimensionally Stable

4. High Strength – This allows for improved impact resistance and strength against the cold.

5. Low Maintenance Costs – This allows for less environmental impact as well as added cost savings.

Strongwell products have been used in a wide variety of industries including Air Defence, Radar Installations, The Alaskan Pipeline, as well as commercial, industrial, and oilfield applications. View the full case study of Strongwell Plastics used in the Alaskan Environment here.

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