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The venerable Shark Fin system has been a proven solution for decades in mills across North America and the world. Shark Fin systems have been installed as far away as Brazil, Australia and Russia. The Shark Fin is a board-turning system that works on gravity alone. No electricity, wiring or power is involved. lugs affixed to chain, usually 81x or H78, push the boards into star wheels that flip them. The system takes board turning away from graders, where manual flipping can lead to injury, and can be designed for 1,2,3, or 4 grader set-ups.

The fact that the Shark Fin doesn’t require power and is integrated into the existing mill setup is indicative of why it’s so valuable. In an era of computers and complicated mechanical systems in sawmills, the Shark Fin is a solution that rarely requires downtime and is easy to install and use. These days the systems are often requested by hardwood manufacturers as the speed of their set-up corresponds very well with Shark Fin’s requirements. As the OEM for the Shark Fin system, Redwood Plastics supplies both the complete systems and the spare parts. For more information check out our website just for Shark Fin:

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