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Learn how FDA and USDA Compliant Plastic and Rubber materials reduce contamination and increase safety.

Plastics and rubber have a critical place in the food and beverage manufacturing and processing industries in countless applications that keep production moving as well as decrease contamination frustrations. Learn which materials are commonly used, optimal applications for each, and how the correct selection of food-safe plastics and rubber can reduce your downtime and increase profits. Also, learn how plastics can reduce contamination issues and avoid recalls and operation shutdowns.

Innovative high-visibility food grade plastics, hygienic and greaseless bearings and bushings as well as xray and metal detectable material options will be covered with a focus on how these products can prevent a costly recall before it even occurs. This webinar seeks to empower attendees with knowledge of the available options and where to use them, which will streamline your operations, reduce labor costs, and ultimately increase your profits while minimizing losses due to preventable circumstances.

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