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We see hydraulics everywhere – just a simple glance at a construction site will reveal a variety of equipment such as bulldozers and excavators – all with gleaming hydraulic pistons working all day long.

Have you ever considered the effect dirt and large particulates might have if they got into the system?seal-saver-1

It is a problem that unfortunately not enough equipment owners think about. The replacement of a hydraulic system can be very expensive and result in long equipment down times that further hurt your bottom line. However, this need not be the case. A “Seal Saver” protective sheath protects your hydraulics from particles and is a smart investment to make.

seal-saver-2A Seal Saver is a custom made plastic sheath and comes in several grades – standard ballistic nylon, kevlar, aluminized kevlar and aluminized silica cloth. The latter four grades were designed for varying degrees of high-temperature, high-abrasion applications. They flex like an “accordion” with the piston while protecting it from particulate matter.

While every Seal Saver is a custom solution – they are easy to order. Simply fill out the PDF Seal Saver specification form on our website here and send it to our [email protected] email address and we will assist you from there. A Seal Saver is a simple, effective solution to help protect your expensive hydraulics when particulates may be a threat.

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