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Redwood Plastics and Rubber recently worked with a local engineering firm to find a solution for an issue with the cable-stays on a suspension bridge. In Vancouver, B.C. the weather can get cold and icy in a hurry and this was causing a massive issue for one of the many bridges in the area. The Alex Fraser bridge was having to be closed due to treacherous ice and snow falling onto the vehicles below and causing significant accidents and a lot of close calls!

A deicing system was developed that releases chains from a battery at the top, sending chains at the top of the cable stays down to clear the ice off the cables.

For this project, Redwood Plastics and Rubber will be supplying the rubber impact bumpers, that take the impact of the chains. Have an issue with impact? Call us, we’ve manufactured and engineered solutions for impact in a wide variety of projects and applications.

See the cable stays in action: