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About a year ago our branch in Atlanta helped a very motivated and deserving local Girl Scout (Maddie Plant) achieve her “Gold Award” (equivalent to a boy scouts “Eagle Award”)

Maddie took it upon herself to design, organize, build a wooden playground set and have delivered to Ulwile Island located in the middle of Lake Tanganyika in Africa.

Who helped out:

  • Home Depot donated Lumber
  • McIntosh High School donated labor
  • Redwood Plastics donated the plastic components and worked with R&L Carriers to donate the freight to New York.
  • Maddie raised funds to freight the playground oversees.



The Thank you photo and letter from Maddie Reads:

“Redwood Plastics, I am excited to announce that my Girl Scout Gold Award is complete. After two long years the children’s faces are finally filled with smiles. None of this would have been possible without your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

-Maddie Plant-

Way to go Maddie!