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Redco™ Switchblade™ is an innovated new conveyor belt cleaning system that replaces traditional scraper blades and belt wipers. The patented design uses a re-usable mounting base and a replaceable scraping blade section that can be quickly changed during routine maintenance. The advantage of Redco™ Switchblade™ extends beyond the design, as field trials show it outlasts the competition by more than 3x in head-to-head competition and the innovative blade geometry starts cleaning your belts faster, with less “break-in” period.

Available in a wide range of belt sizes, Redco™ Switchblade™ replacement blades are available in bulk 120” long sections for improved yield and custom cutting on site. Supercharge your belt cleaning system with Redco™ Switchblade™.

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Redco Belt Cleaner - Belt Scraper - Switchblade Redco Belt Scraper and Switchblade