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Redco™ Pile Driving Cushions are a cost-effective, quality product too few customers know we have. Builders involved in pile driving know that part of the hammer apparatus are cushioning pads which are often made of “blue plastic” (cast nylon) or “Micarta” (phenolic/industrial laminate sandwich). The nylon pads come in a myriad of sizes and thicknesses but we usually see 1″ thick industrial laminate pads specified in varying diameters.

We have found doing some research that primarily these cushions come from overseas (Europe or Asia) and the associated freight and markups can be high. These pads are often sold through distributors who have to markup pads that have high costs in price, shipping and inventory. Redwood Plastics does not have this issue!

Redco™ Nylon Pile Driving Cushions are manufactured in North America at high-quality and with very competitive prices. Our lead times are only a couple of weeks and we can readily supply cushions in small quantities. Why would you not try to source these from a local supplier? We also supply the 1″ industrial laminate pads with similar lead times and at competitive prices.

To quote, we simply need to know the existing cushion type(s), diameter, and thickness you’re using now as well as the quantity required for the quotation as this can affect price and lead time. We have several satisfied customers already in both the U.S. and Canada. You can see our literature for this product here.

For inquiries on our pile driving cushions or other Redco™ products contact us today.