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Stacking Sticks for High Temperature Kilns

Temperatures required to dry lumber in softwood mills can be extremely high – breaking conventional kiln sticks after every turn. Without a proven alternative, mills are forced to use wooden kiln sticks that break constantly and jam machines.

Introducing Tuff-Stik – The Perfect Stacker Sticks for Softwood Mills

Tuff-Stik™ is the only stacker stick that can handle high temperatures without any shape deformity. Made with aluminum alloy, Tuff-Stik™ provides a service life of 500 or more turns. A mill using Tuff-Stik™ as their primary drying stick will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor and operating costs over conventional sticks.

Investing in Tuff-Stik™ empowers managers to operate mills with fewer issues and hazards:

  • Tuff-Stiks™ unique design allows air flow through the stick and seamlessly inside the stack, improving kiln efficiency;
  • The grooved edges around Tuff-Stik™ give it better gripping power so that lumber is secured in place and stays straight during drying;
  • Tuff-Stik™ is light, eliminates water staining and is 100% recyclable.

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Comparison Chart

Tuff-Stik™ Traditional Kiln Stick
Material: Aluminum Wood (hardwood)
Kiln drying efficiency High Low
Absorbs water None Yes
Stick stains None Yes
Est. service life: 500+ turns 1-7 turns
Recyclable: 100% No
Durability: High Low
Heat deformity: None Common
Consistency: 100% Deteriorates