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Are Sticks Stealing Your Profits? 

Wood stacker sticks have been breaking, bending, and jamming up automated stackers for decades. These stickers typically only last 1 to 3 turns before ending up under the stacker, in the waste bin, or piled out in the yard.

All these issues drain profits for your bottom line – labor costs to clean up broken or bent sticks, remove jammed sticks, and the loss in stacker productivity with downtime and reduced running speeds can be staggering. What seems to be a relatively low $2 cost to replace wooden stickers easily adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly.  

Introducing Tuff-Stik™ — Your Only Stacker Stick Solution

We have the only solution to this expensive problem – Tuff-Stiks™, the only stacker stick that can outlast, outperform and out-value any stick in the market. Made with aluminum alloy, Tuff-Stik™ provides a service life of 500 or more turns. A mill using Tuff-Stik™ as their primary drying stick will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor and operating costs over conventional sticks.

Investing in Tuff-Stik™ empowers managers to operate mills with fewer issues and hazards:

  • Tuff-Stiks™ unique design allows air flow through the stick and seamlessly inside the stack, improving kiln efficiency;
  • The grooved edges around Tuff-Stik™ give it better gripping power so that lumber is secured in place and stays straight during drying;
  • Tuff-Stik™ is light, eliminates water staining and is 100% recyclable.

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Comparison Chart

Tuff-Stik™ Traditional Kiln Stick
Material: Aluminum Wood (hardwood)
Kiln drying efficiency High Low
Absorbs water None Yes
Stick stains None Yes
Est. service life: 500+ turns 1-7 turns
Recyclable: 100% No
Durability: High Low
Heat deformity: None Common
Consistency: 100% Deteriorates