Redco Epicure Cx

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Redco™ Epicure™ Cx is a substantial improvement over traditional materials such as urethane, UHMW, rubber, and other polymers in harsh wearing applications. In addition to saving you costs through longer part life, Redco™ Epicure™ Cx can be custom molded directly into finished parts, greatly reducing the labor and material waste associated with machining parts from stock shapes.

Our Mechanical Designers can work with you to design any custom component to target the needs of your unique application.

  • Extreme Environments – (from -60°C (-76°F) to 105°C (221°F))
  • Saves Downtime
  • Premium Wear & Abrasion Resistant Grade (reinforced with ballistic composite)
  • Molded parts and stock shapes exposed to impingement and abrasion

Durometer Hardness: 85A (can be custom formulated in other durometers)
Standard Color: Yellow


A P P L I C A T I O N S :

Liners for Pipe, Pump, Chutes & Hoppers (for Coal, Grain, Ore, Refuse, Rock, Sand, Potash & Truck Beds), Impellers, Wear-Pads & Bumpers (for lift trucks), Spouts & Nozzles, Crusher & Conveyor Parts, Agitators & Mixer Paddles, Cable Guides, Screens, Filters & Classifiers, etc.

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