Cribbing & Blocking


Cribbing KitThe Redco™ DURA CRIB & DURA STAT plastic blocking systems offer a more stable and longer lasting alternative to wood blocks.


When seconds matter, wood just doesn’t hold up. Redco™ Dura Crib offers a more stable and longer-lasting alternative to wood blocks for cribbing and blocking. Redco™ Dura Crib has an aggressive patterned, slip-resistant pyramid locking surface for added stability and safety to first responders and civilians.

Redco™ DURA CRIB is ideal for stable cribbing, chocking, bracing, and shoring.

  • 2 surfaces in one crib
  • Cribs lock together for stability
  • Adjusts to slope
  • Pyramid design securely locks at any angle
  • Three side notches interlock for secure stacking
  • Non splitting
  • Resists oil, gasoline, and blood absorption
  • Built-in lanyard


Redco™ DURA STAT (static or passive) cribbing is used to keep material off the ground to allow a forklift to operate, or to separate materials for storage.


Redco™ DURA CRIB - Cribbing & Blocking

50 year warranty for: Absorption, Splitting, Mold and Rot



outrigger-addition-slope  outrigger-addition-slope-buildup-stock


Redco Cribbing Versus Wood – Watch!


Redco™ Cribbing, Wedges and Blocks for First Responders

Unlike wood, plastic offers stable and predictable performance with a high load capacity. Redco™ Cribbing, Wedges and Blocks will not splinter and does not absorb most fluids. The system is also easily customized into special shapes to create ramps and irregular shapes.

Redco™ Dura Crib are made of 100% recycled materials and come with a 50 year replacement warranty against mold, rot and mildew. Download PDF Catalog.



Redco™ Lock Blocks
Create a stable platform on any surface.
  • Versatile, stackable blocks
  • Surface interlocks for stability

chock-blocks Lock_Blocks

lock-blocks-1    lock-blocks-2