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Redco IRG 19″ Pile Driving Pad


Redco IRG 19″ diameter x 6″ thick pile driving pad.

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Redco IRG (Impact Resistant Grade) 19″ diameter (6″ thick) pile driving pads reduce the tremendous wear and stress on pile driving hammers by absorbing the shock, thereby, minimizing breakdowns and downtime. Redco™ IRG Nylon offers high tensile strength with shock, impact and wear resistance as well as low moisture absorption. Since traditional cast nylon 6 materials are semi-crystalline, they are susceptible to cracking and breaking when subjected to high impact loads especially when the part is nicked or notched, Nylatech IRG addresses this issue.

Due to the impact resistance of Redco IRG, it outperforms these traditional grades in heavy impact applications such as pile driving cushions. The material can also be used in vibration dampening applications, mechanical stops or other high impact situations.

Cushion Pads have proven themselves in all types of pile driving applications. Redwood Plastics can also manufacture pads to your specifications if you need a custom size, contact us.


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