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The Redco saw blade carrier is a critical safety product for sawmills. They were developed in response to a need to move large saw blades across the sawmill. Carrying a blade by hand – blades that can surpass 26″ in diameter” – is a disaster waiting to happen, and sadly, we know of several instances of injury caused by improper handling of saw blades. Beyond harm to employees, those injuries can lead to costly lawsuits or Worker’s Compensation Board penalties. So why risk it when a solution is available?

The Redco Saw Blade Carrier is a molded polyurethane product manufactured from several types of durable Redco polyurethane.  The carrier is available for both single blades and in a “double/triple” blade variety. Both models are very similar so the double/triple does not cost extra. Also, because the product comes out of a mold these carriers are always manufactured at the largest size (26″ in diameter). We then cut the portion that holds the blade to size for a given saw diameter. That means that a 26″ diameter saw blade carrier costs the same as a 16″ diameter carrier. For more information or a quote on the Redco Saw Blade Carrier please contact us today.