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“You get what you pay for” is an old cliché, but in the world of construction with tight budgets and growing costs, pricing is truly a concern. When it comes to FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) grating the old open-mold type continues to be used in many applications. Molded grating is a fine product but it has deficiencies compared to the increasingly popular pultruded grating. Pultruded grating is stronger and more customizable but it does cost more.

I-6500-300x134However, with every rule there are exceptions. I-6500 grating was specifically designed to compete with molded grating on price and can be procured at or below the cost of molded grating. The grating is widely stocked across the U.S. and for many “foot traffic” applications provides both economic and performance benefits to your application. As its name would suggest, it utilizes an “I” profile bearing bar with 65% open space between the bars.

I-6500 grating is “pultrusion on budget” – for more information, contact us.

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