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On September 19th the plans for the new stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan were revealed. The stadium is part of the new “Regina Revitalization Initiative” aimed at growing business and developing infostructure at the former rail yard.

The stadium’s designer, Dipesh Patel, plans on using an innovative polycarbonate and cloth roof that will be transparent, yet control heat. The “spiderwork” pattern is reminiscant of Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” stadium from the 2008 Olympics. Here is some of the concept art they have released:













This application shows just some of the potential polycarbonate has. Redco™ Polycarbonate is remarkably easy to work with, as it’s often used in homemade applications such as greenhouses. Polycarbonate is incredibly strong: much more than glass or acrylic and has similar insulated values to insulated glass. Redco™ Polycarbonate is often used by industry in hazardous areas to prevent injury to workers by shielding them from debris.

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