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Many hockey fans in North America are currently enjoying the second round of the NHL playoffs. Hockey is a great example of a set of plastic applications we might not realize. There would be no modern ice hockey without plastics because there would be no equipment or rink. That includes wooden sticks, which have plastic resin used to bond and strengthen them. Some places where plastics are used in hockey include:

Skates: Molded plastic + ballistic grade nylon fiber

Protective pads: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Jockstrap: HDPE shell…You would really miss having plastic in this application.

Helmets: Nylon or ABS

Protective socks: PPT

Neck guards: Nylon or ABS. Goalie neck guards also have polycarbonate inserts.

Hockey “boards”: HDPE puckboard

Hockey “glass”: Cast acrylic sheet

Synthetic ice: Virgin UHMW-PE sheet

Redwood Plastics actually sells those last three materials – cast acrylic, puckboard, and virgin UHMW sheet – as part of our product line. Contact us if you have any questions or need a quote.