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Industrial (“phenolic”) laminates are an odd part of our plastic business – many machine shops and fabricators don’t even know we carry them. Often we find this is because laminates do not look or feel like traditional “plastic” so our customers don’t lump them together with other thermoplastics we sell such as UHMW, nylon, PTFE, HDPE, etc. However, not only can we supply industrial laminates in sheet/rod/tube but we can do the fabrication work for you.

Why should that matter?

If you’ve worked with industrial laminates before, especially the glass-filled types such as G10/FR4, G11, G7, etc…You know how tricky they are to work with. Unless cut and machined using very specific techniques, laminates will get very messy, very fast. Dust can float in the shop for days or even weeks, sticking to your equipment and other surfaces. More importantly, laminate dust and debris can be dangerous as machining the material releases chemicals such as formaldehyde. You do not want yourself or your employees breathing that in!

If you’re uncomfortable with that prospect – bring us your application and let us do the work for you. We can not only supply sheet/rod/tube cut to size, but we can quote your parts complete to your dimensioned drawings or samples. We have an excellent network of suppliers that will allow us to provide quality parts while saving you the hassle of working with the laminates. Take that time and work on your other projects, sound like a plan?

For your questions on our industrial laminates or the services we can provide please contact us.