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In the breadth of Redco™ products, certain plastics stand out for different reasons. When it comes to “strength” and “resiliance” Redco™ Tuffkast certainly has a niche. Tuffkast is a co-polymer and improves on many of the inherent qualities in nylon by combining those properties with the traits of a polyurethane. Excellent impact values, wear resistance and rigidity. But Tuffkast also improves on nylon’s major deficiency – water absorption. In comparison to regular cast nylon, Tuffkast absorbs moisture minimally. Also, in comparison to other nylons, Tuffkast’s properties in low temperatures have been improved.

Tuffkast currently comes in four grades:

TUFFKAST 025 – Unfilled or natural grade of Tuffkast

TUFFKAST 020 – Carriage Wheel Material – Special formulation for sawmill carriage wheel applications.

TUFFKAST 015 – Oil Filled – Liquid lubricant impregnated. Offers excellent surface lubricity for wear resistance and reduced co-efficient of friction.

TUFFKAST 010 – Solid Lubricant – Typically used for dynamic friction applications that are subjected to extreme stress and impact.

Perhaps one of the best application case studies with Tuffkast are the dock fenders installed at the B.C. Ferries terminals in Tsawwassen, BC. In a massive storm in 2006 the ferries repeatedly crashed into the fenders over an almost 24 hour period. The result? The fenders held up needing no repairs – minus one tile of one fender that required replacing, due to damage from a protruding ferry part but not due to impact. A post-storm analysis revealed that were it not for the Tuffkast pads, the wooden docks would have likely been destroyed.







Certainly “no ordinary nylon”


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