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PVC Strip Door Material for Exterior Door Insect-Control Applications


  • Citronella Scented

    Repels insects away from door openings

  • Provides a Thermal Barrier

    Inhibits insect’s ability to notice odors and warmth

  • FDA Approved

    Included on the FDA’s GRAS list

  • Inhibits Light

    Inhibits their ability to see light beyond the PVC strip

AntiInsectStripDoorRedwood Plastics exclusive Anti-Insect Yellow PVC strip material prevents flying insects from infiltrating a facility and actually repels them away from the door opening.  Insects are naturally drawn toward heat and light. The PVC strip provides a thermal barrier, which prevents the insect from sensing the heat coming from inside the facility, by providing a thermal barrier. At the same time, the yellow pigment inhibits their ability to see light beyond the PVC strip itself. To an insect, this product is opaque due to the pigment.

Redwood Plastics Anti-Insect Yellow goes a step further by actually repelling the insect away from the door opening. This repulsive effect is caused by natural citronella oil inside the PVC, which emits a lemongrass scent. Citronella is a naturally occurring chemical, and is included on the FDA’s GRAS (generally recognized as safe) list.

  • Yellow pigment prevents insects from detecting light inside the building
  • Repels insects away from the door opening with natural Citronella scent
  • Inhibits insect’s ability to notice odors and warmth within the facility
  • Ideal for food production, distribution, supermarket, retail and food service applications


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