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Slipping is a major hazard. According to the National Safety Council injuries from falls account for 20% of workplace injuries. In many cases, if you’re an employer, you could be liable for damages that can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Redwood Plastics offers three anti-slip plastic sheet materials which may help prevent injury. Redco “LUNS” is a UHMW based plastic sheet with a clean coal-slag surface. The surface is non-toxic and wears extremely well: the first application ever was as the floor of a US Navy tank carrier in 1989 – the floor is still in use and has not required replacement or significant maintenance!

Redco BRAXX is another, similar, product. Redco BRAXX is also UHMW based and is available in yellow with LUNS slag surface “buttons” and blue with sand buttons. Both products (BRAXX and LUNS) are available in just one size: 36″ x 108″ and 0.3″ thick. But what you can do with the product, besides using it in load bearing applications, is almost up to the imagination. Potential applications include:

-Subway/Bus stop curb top

-Stair treads

-Floor covering

-Boat deck surface

-Trailer bed cover

-Flooring top surface in wet environments

For answers to your questions on Redco LUNS or BRAXX’s anti-slip properties and suitability for your application, please contact us today.

We also can supply gritted, soft anti-slip interlocking matting for other applications. For details on that product click here.