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Snap It Sprocket

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Redco™ Snap It Sprocket requires no bolts and is easy and quick to assemble; simply match the arrows on the a-plate and snap together.

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Snap It is Easy to Install

No bolts, easy and quick to assemble. Simply match the arrows on the a-plate and snap together.

  • Increase Production
  • Decrease Downtime and Increase Profits
  • Interchangeable design to reduce your inventory levels
  • Much less expensive than split steel sprockets
  • Reduce Noise & Equipment Wear
  • Reduce Wear on Your Equipment with No Damage to Product

Redco 750 has excellent abrasion and wear resistance with high impact values. Not only is Redco 750 much less expensive than steel but it also drastically reduces noise levels and has a longer wear life.

  • No chain wear and no shaft wear
  • Kraftmill pulp safe
  • Available for H-78, H-130, C-188 and 81X chains.
  • Compatible with split hubs and a-plates
  • All hub bores are finished to size with running clearances and grease fitting
  • Fits on any a-plate from 9 to 15 tooth.