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Redco SVI Pads

Redco™ Shock Vibration Isolation (S.V.I) Pads were developed to control vibration and impact to reduce noise and absorb energy. They lesson the peak forces or shock transmitted into a supporting structure.
The S.V.I Pads respond to impact by compressing and bulging. If the shock pads are confined they become incomprehensible. The freedom to bulge determines the spring effect of the material. The absorbed energy is dissipated in the form of heat.

  • Cost Effective
  • High Quality, elasomeric, polymers/composites
  • Chemical resistant to most oils, greases and solvents
  • Excellent memory, toughness and cut resistance
  • Variable operating temperature -80°F to 210°F



Structural isolation, equipment isolation, bearing mount pads, impact cushions, shock absorbers, etc.