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Energy costs are a major threat to modern business. As the world’s emerging economies continue to grow the pressure on energy sources (and the price of energy) will only increase.

FDA compliant Redco™ LubX® is a new High-Performance plastic designed specifically for material handling applications. Redco™ LubX® has remarkable “dry-run” properties providing a very low coefficient of friction without the addition of liquid lubricants. This reduces the energy required to transport materials along the conveyor chain, resulting in energy savings. In fact, the coefficient of friction is up to 75% less than standard UHMW-PE, already itself valued for low-friction properties.

Another unique feature of the polymer is that it was designed to have as low a friction coeffecient as possible with sliding partners, in order to reduce, if not eliminate, the slip-stick effect. For example, compared to UHMW, Redco™ LubX® slides 75% better against Acetal and 60% better against steel.

Redco™ LubX® is available currently in rod and sheet form from 1/4th” to 4″ thick in a blue-grey color.

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