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Plastics have an increasingly popular reputation as being a quality material for solving a variety of maintenance issues, while helping companies become more profitable. But industrial plastics do more than decreasing downtime and improving efficiency: they help keep you and your employees safe and in a variety of industries. Here are some specific examples of plastic helping to keep crews safe:

Anti-Slip Materials:

Many high-quality plastic solutions exist to reduce or eliminate slip hazards. BRAXX UHMW polyethylene is a sheet material that comes “studded” with a raised surface of sand or clean coal slag material and is available in blue or safety yellow. Sheets completely surfaced with LUNS clean coal slag are also available. The sheets can be cut to fit a variety of applications such as stair or ramp treads, boat launches, decking, or station surfacing in transit applications. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) stair treads are also an easy and economical way of providing an anti-slip surface to slippery stair surfaces, particularly wood or concrete.

FRP grating is also an excellent anti-slip solution in that it comes “standard” with a meniscus anti-slip surface. However, the panels are also commonly available with grit surfacing and can even be ordered specially with integrated grit.

Industries served: Sawmills, Construction, Large-Scale Manufacturing, Military, Transport, Food Processing, Amusement/Recreation

Safety Glass:

What is commonly called “safety glass” is often impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate takes an incredible amount of impact and can be procured in bullet-resistant grades. The plastic is available in scratch-resistant and UV-stable options for outdoor applications and also can be procured tinted in various colors, if required.

Industries served: Sawmills, mining, corrections, military, fabrication

Flame-Resistant Materials:

“Flame-retardant, anti-static” (FRAS) materials are critically important in underground mining applications. However, there are many flame-retardant plastic solutions available. These include phenolic grating and various industrial laminates.

Industries served: Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Power Generation

Non-Conductive Materials:

Many plastics, especially the virgin grades, are excellent electrical insulators. Industrial laminates (phenolics) such as FR-4 in particular have proven their value for many years. Other plastics, such as FRP grating, are electrically non-conductive and often specified into applications for this advantage alone.

Industries served: Utilities, Power Generation, and anywhere electrical hazards are an issue

Stabilizing Equipment:

Redco outrigger pads offer numerous advantages over wooden or metal outrigger pads. They do not rot, rust or support mold growth. They do not easily stick in soft soils, are lightweight and also easy to clean.

Industries served: Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Construction, Crane Service, Concrete Pumping, Tree Service

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