Growing cannabis requires precise temperature and diligent watering routines, which creates an environment for mold and spores to flourish. Building your facility with the right materials is critical to maximize yields and to comply with strict regulatory standards. 

Modern indoor cannabis grow facilities need a sealed, smooth, reflective, and highly durable food-grade surface throughout the grow facilities, processing areas, and storage facilities of the business.



Wall panels, polycarbonate vacuum boxes, UHMW on carts, rubber rollers on bucking machines, acrylic funnel tray tops, urethane shaker plates, filling machine carriages, rolling equipment in acrylic and acetal, UHMW sorter parts, packaging etc.

cannabis-carriage-filling-machine-2    cannabis-joint-roller    cannabis-packaging-wheel-machine

uhmw-parts-cannabis-hemp-production     joint-roller-large-acrylic



FRP & PVC Wall Panels

PVC panels and FRP panels are a popular option for cannabis cultivation facilities because the panels are easy to install, sanitary and can withstand the moist environment of a cannabis cultivation facility. Cannabis cultivation rooms require more panels than many of our other projects and often last longer:

  • Excellent light reflecting qualities
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Impact resistant in nature
  • Resistant to humidity
  • Durable and tough

Redco PVC Wall Panels

OctoformRedco Octaform is extruded from food-grade Redco PVC and is practically maintenance free. Redco Octaform offers two world-class cost and speed efficient solutions for grow facilities:

  • FormWork for new-build construction. The Redco PVC finish is built-in, eliminating the need for harsh coatings or cladding
  • QuickLiner for existing wall retrofits. Our Redco PVC panels protect your walls and create a bright, clean environment.


Redco FRP Wall Panels

For fiberglass reinforced plastic (Redco FRP) wall and ceiling panels that combine unsurpassed hygiene and durability with high-performance and style, customers around the world trust Crane Composites. As the first and largest global manufacturer of Redco FRP wall paneling, we offer the industry’s most innovative and resilient Redco FRP panels.


Rubber Rollers on Bucking Machines



Polycarbonate Vacuum Boxes
Custom fabricated polycarbonate vacuum boxes for CBD oil extraction processing units.

polycarbonate-vacuum-boxes-3    polycarbonate-vacuum-boxes-2