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IAPD_LogoCongratulations to the employees of Redwood Plastics in helping the company achieve our 2013 gold award in the International Association of Plastics Distribution’s (IAPD) “Education Circle of Champions” recognized at the IAPD convention in Florida earlier this week. The award is given in the three levels of bronze, silver, and gold – each level involving a challenging criteria based on training programs, use of IAPD educational materials and the percentage of employees who have passed various levels of IAPD training. Redwood Plastics had previously won the silver award in 2012.

This gold award reflects Redwood Plastics’ unceasing commitment to product and application training as essential to the successful relationships with our customers and is seen as a critical part of our business. Don McMillan, Sales Manager for Redwood Plastics explains:

“What this award represents is a commitment from our people to continually grow their skills and knowledge to achieve success and to achieve their full potential as a salesperson. As a company, Redwood Plastics will continue to put a focus on training and education to make sure our people are supplying our customers the ‘best’ solution to their problems.”

circle of champions award IAPD gold

As part of their education, new Redwood Plastics employees are provided with extensive personal training from management on both our product line and techniques to best serve the customer. This training often includes field visits to Redco Group partners and is followed up by enrollment in IAPD educational courses as soon as possible. The goal is to provide true value – distribution is an increasingly competitive business and customers have more options than ever. Redwood Plastics strives for our representatives to be assets to our customers that provide value far beyond the traditional transactional relationship.

Once again, we thank our employees for their dedication and continued commitment to educational excellence. You are our best resource.

Job well done!


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