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Redwood’s fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) lineup gets a lot of attention for the quality and versatility of our products. However, certain bits of misinformation and common questions are asked over and over. We’ve decided to write a short explanation on the different FRP resins for our EXTREN® line of structural FRP products. Here are some of the common questions:

“How expensive is EXTREN® compared to traditional materials?”

This is not a simple answer. While the upfront costs of Redco™ EXTREN® are significantly more than traditional materials, the cost over the life cycle is often dramatically less. When one factors in the costs of maintenance (cleaning/repainting) and possible replacement due to corrosion or legal issues due to an unsafe environment that leads to failure, FRP materials would be cheaper. 

“Can I get UV inhibitor additive?”

All EXTREN® materials have a UV inhibitor included.

“Could you quote corrosion resistant FRP?”

All of our FRP materials are corrosion-resistant, including Redco™ EXTREN®’s “base” series 500 line.  However, for environments with extreme corrosion, we offer the premium series 625 with vinyl-ester resin.

That last question is a good segway into a quick primer on Redco™ EXTREN®’s resins.

-Series 500: Corrosion resistant, UV inhibitor, polyester resin and olive green in color.

-Series 525: Corrosion resistant, UV inhibitor, polyester resin, fire retardant additive and slate grey in color.

-Series 625: Extremely corrosion resistant, UV inhibitor, vinyl-ester resin, fire retardant additive and beige in color.

For more information on the Redco™ EXTREN® line, check out this short video:


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