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Duramax Kiln Stacking Sticks

Wood stacker sticks have been breaking, bending, and jamming up automated stackers for decades. These stickers typically only last 1 to 3 turns before ending up under the stacker, in the waste bin, or piled out in the yard.

All these issues drain profits for your bottom line – labor costs to clean up broken or bent sticks, remove jammed sticks, and the loss in stacker productivity with downtime and reduced running speeds can be staggering. What seems to be a relatively low $2 cost to replace wooden stickers easily adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly.

Duramax sticks are new, they grip the lumber better, and they stay straight. We recommend Duramax Kiln Sticks because they work wonderfully in our new automated stick layer! I’m still using the first-generation polycarbonate sticks we bought back in 2016! These new Duramax sticks are 25% stronger and heavier-duty and should last us more than 10 years!”

Joel Jennings, Kiln Operations Manager, Deer Park Lumber

“We normally break about three wood kiln sticks per bundle in stickering, but we had zero broken Duramax sticks! They did not slide out of the stacked packs and we had zero stick stains…the lumber was straight. We recommend Duramax for any hardwood mill!”

Bucky Pescaglia, President, Missouri-Pacific Lumber

Introducing Duramax™ – Are Disposable Kiln Stacking Sticks Stealing Your Profits?

Duramax is a kiln stick made from polycarbonate that is designed to outlast and outperform conventional sticks in the market. With a service life of 15 or more turns, Duramax enables mills to save thousands of dollars in labor and operating costs while improving lumber grade quality.

These high-performance plastic kiln sticks empower managers with key advantages:

  • Low initial cost
  • Grooved edges allow more gripping power
  • Eliminated water staining
  • Long-term value
  • 100% recyclable

Download our Technical Profile Brochure to learn more.

Preferred Plastics is a premier plastic extrusion manufacturer specializing in profile extrusions with a wide variety of materials. Extruding plastics since 1975, Preferred Plastics has teamed up with Redwood Plastics to manufacture and distribute the highest quality kiln stacking sticks available. For more information on polycarbonate kiln sticks manufactured by Preferred Plastics, visit their website here

Duramax Kiln Stick on Stacker

Comparison Chart

Duramax™ Traditional Kiln Stick
Material: Polycarbonate Wood (hardwood)
Kiln drying efficiency: High Low
Absorbs water: None Yes
Stick stains: None Yes
Recyclable: 100% No
Durability: High Low
Weather deformity: None Common
Consistency: 100% Deteriorates

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