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Wood stacker sticks have been staining lumber products during kiln drying for decades, resulting in unusable products for manufacturing and costing sawmills hundreds of thousands in loss profits. Wood sticks absorb and hold water which creates uneven heating and drying conditions that results in stains on the lumber.

Many companies started to experiment on alternatives that can replace wood sticks to try and prevent stains on their products. Sticks made from plastic were highly considered because they are waterproof and more durable with low initial cost.

Unfortunately, many of the plastic alternatives reported problems when stacked in a kiln or when dried with lumber products. Examples include the plastic material melting in the kilns, breaking when being used by the stick placer, or plastic sticks slipping when stacked.

With no viable alternative that can match the benefits of wood sticks and eliminate the drawbacks, sawmills opted to keep using them. However, there is one alternative that stands out amongst the rest.

Duramax – The Polycarbonate Kiln Stick

Duramax is a new polycarbonate kiln stick that is superior to both wood and plastic sticks. Polycarbonate is more durable and cost-effective plastic material than its competitors and can withstand temperatures up to 220F.

Duramax is specifically designed to allow moisture to escape the lumber while being dried, eliminating stick stains on your products. Extruded by an ISO-certified manufacturer, Duramax comes with grooved teeth that prevents the lumber from skidding off the stack.

Sawmills can expect to save hundreds of thousands of dollars from improved lumber quality, reduced maintenance and increased efficiency. Other benefits include:

  • Low initial cost
  • Long-term usability
  • Increased stacker performance
  • Low operational cost
  • Can be used in any automated stacker
  • 100% Recyclable

Producing high-quality lumber consistently is critical for any sawmill looking to succeed in a competitive industry and economic landscape. Don’t roll the dice every time you dry your lumber in the kiln. Our facilities across North America are ready to supply sawmills with Duramax. Request a quote using the form below and our sales representative will be right with you.

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