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When walking through a modern day grocery store its hard to think back to the days when people baked their own bread, grew their own vegetables and everything you bought was from a local supplier. Times have changed and the need to keep up with the huge demand for mass produced food is growing every year – even with the current rise in demand for organic and local produce.

Every year, Hostess produces 500 million little yellow cakes… the infamous Twinkie. That’s 1,000 Twinkies a minute and 16 in a second. In the time it takes you to blink, four Twinkies come off the Hostess production line.

While all these products are being manufactured at extreme speeds – quality control, decreasing downtime and maintaining packaging integrity all come into play. If production stops or if food becomes contaminated, it can come at a huge cost. No food processing operation can afford downtime, a hefty lawsuit or the bad press of contamination.

One way to prevent costly downtime is to use high quality Redco plastics products within equipment and on production lines.

Whether in mass production, one off production, batch production or just in time production, we have solutions for wearing parts, rust, wash down, lubrication and noise. We also have NEW products available that prevent marring on bottles as well as materials that will set off metal detection equipment.

NEW!! Redco™ Polystone® M Soft

Packaging Protection

PolystoneMSoftMany industries including beverage, packaging, pharmaceutical and cosmetics utilize elaborate plastic containers and delicate glass bottles. Scratches and other types of surface damage can be a challenging problem when handling these products during the manufacturing and distribution processes. That is precisely where Redco™ Polystone® M Soft is put to use. It has an optimized formulation with sliding properties that ensures a rapid and smooth conveying process and at the same time gently handles the conveyed products.

Material properties; low density, almost no absorption of moisture, very good sliding properties, excellent wear resistance, resistant to very high impact loading.

NEW!! Redco™ Polystone® M MDT

Detectable UHMW

Polystone-M-MDTFood processors face the ever present risk of contamination finding its way into their product. The risks and potential financial losses can be significant if not detected early. Redwood Plastics now offers a ground breaking solution to this problem with the introduction of Redco™ Polystone® M MDT. The unique additives in this product allow it to be easily traced by standard metal detectors while continuing to provide the outstanding wear resistance and sliding properties you would expect from. Designed to replace machined parts made from steel and lower performing plastics, this engineering polymer has high-impact strength, is easily machined and has no moisture absorption.

Redco™ Polystone® M MDT complies with FDA regulations concerning direct contact with food. Every food processor that utilizes metal detectors in their processing or packaging operations can easily realize the advantages of Redco™ Polystone® M MDT.

Available as:  Rods: 1/2” to 8” dia, Sheets: 3/8” to 4” thick, Profiles: standard or custom.


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