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Plastics are among the most obtainable and cost-effective materials used in a variety of applications. They are easy to fabricate, durable and efficient, resulting in an ideal material for bearings and bushings.

SN-InsertsBecause of plastics sheer usefulness and malleability, some plastic bushing grades can be designed for extreme environments and can withstand extremely high or low temperatures. Others are even suitable for hazardous environments with high levels of shock and vibration.

• Self lubricating

• Outstanding load bearing properties

• Excellent for impact and shock application

• Exceptional wear life and resistance to corrosion

• Low temperature resistance to -80°F

BearingsDifferent plastic grades can also be bonded together. For example, feed rollers would have a softer outer diameter with a harder inside diameter. Bringing these two materials together creates the perfect balance of shock absorption and grip with high load bearing capabilities. Metals (steel, bronze, etc) can also be bonded to plastics.

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Please Consider:

Plastic Clearance/Tolerance is subject to many variables (i.e. Moisture, Cold Heat) when being machined for specific applications. If lubrication is supplied to a plastic bearing, the load and life are greatly increased dependent on the type and volume of lubricant. Consult our Machining Chart available on our website.