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Plastics offer many advantages over metals and wood in a variety of applications. Many plastics are both chemical and corrosion resistant and absorb little moisture leading to a longer lifespan, lower maintenance downtime and reduced costs. By the nature of their components they are “armored” for protection in applications that other materials cannot stand. However, three plastics are worth highlighting for their exceptional protection against harsh elements:


Probably the most popular thermoplastic: UHMW is very resistant to most chemicals. It absorbs virtually no moisture and is very resistant to hydrolysis. UHMW that does not have the additive of carbon black is also an excellent electrical insulator. The only exceptions are strong oxidizing acids and halogenated or aromatic compounds. UHMW combines this resistance to chemicals and corrosion with a low coeffecient of friction and a high degree of abrasion-resistance.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP):

FRP materials used in structural applications are highly corrosion and chemical resistant. It is a common misconception that corrosion resistance on a Redco FRP product must be requested. In reality, the basic polyester resin is strong enough for many applications. In the case of a highly corrosive application our material is available in a vinyl ester resin. Similarly, the material is long-lasting and has 80% of the strength of steel. This is combined with low electrical and thermal conductivity. Click here for an in-depth example.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE):

PTFE is one of the most inert plastics we have, resistant to all chemicals except a few alkali metals and fluorinating agents. In the past PTFE has been subjected to tough applications such as holding or transporting uranium hexafluoride. Furthermore, PTFE is one of the top three slickest solids known and is beneficial in a variety of applications. PTFE is also heat-resistant to the tune of 500 Fahrenheit: one of the best tolerances amongst plastics.

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