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Our Redco™ UHMW outrigger pads are one of Redwood Plastics’ best selling products. Over the last ten years of manufacturing these outrigger pads have proven their worth replacing wooden and metal pads, avoiding many disadvantages of those pads: ours do not rust, rot, support mold or fungal growth and in ten years, to our knowledge, none have broken or required replacement. They are a popular investment for good reason.

For regular duty, standard black UHMW pads are fine. However, certain clients of ours work on inclines often or are required by their safety personnel to procure the safest option possible. Redco™ anti-slip outrigger pads are the answer. Unlike competitors, who grind the surface of the pad or use chemical adhesives, our anti-slip pads can be made out of a military-grade material originally used on American naval transports. In fact, the first application of the material in a tank carrier is still operational today – without replacement – after 24 years of continuous service. If it can handle heavy armor tracking over the surface: it can certainly handle your crane or concrete pump!

Our material is a sharp coal slag that is layered on top of the gelatinous UHMW during its manufacturing. Therefore the slag is integral to the UHMW and cannot be separated. Better yet, the UHMW can be produced with this slag on both sides creating an even more effective anti-slip surface. Outrigger pads made with this material are an excellent safety solution for your business and the price is very reasonable. There is a lead time of 6-8 weeks in order to get this premium material produced, shipped to us, and manufactured into outrigger pads so if you have interest – we advise requesting a quote as soon as possible.

For a quotation or a sample of the anti-slip material please contact us:

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