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One of the issues faced by the plastics industry is public relations. The media seems to have regular stories of plastic clogging up landfills, of cute animals caught in ocean debris, and of health risks posed by all sorts of plastics and plastic additives. While we’re not denying that there may be issues with plastics, there are also issues with massive deforestation with wood and metal pollution: two materials often pitted up against plastic in applications.

So, whenever possible we try to give plastics a positive push. One of those specific applications is with various schools in Alberta. A couple years ago we started supplying 1/8″ thick acrylic sheet, cut into 12″ x 12″ squares for an enterprising woodworking teacher. These were then cut into 6″ x 6″ segments for use in piggy banks (the acrylic serves as a ‘window’). This application has since spread due to word of mouth to other schools with similar success. For Redwood, helping kids learn to see that plastics are more than cheap trinkets and garbage, is part of our duty as a responsible corporate citizen and as a member of the International Association of Plastics Distribution.

Our job is far from finished. Much of the public still does not understand key facts about plastics: such as how easily recycled most are, how plastics often take less energy to produce than metal, and how plastics reduce weight and therefore energy consumption in countless applications. Expect to see more articles on our website in the coming year meant to educate about the remarkable, safe, and environmentally-friendly properties of plastic.

But we’ll leave you with a picture of a piggy bank recently done by one of those children who can be proud of their own little plastic product.

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