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Twin-wall polycarbonate is a long-lasting and cost effective product that can provide years of enjoyment in a greenhouse or roof awning application. The product is durable, UV-resistant, and relatively inexpensive. However, there are some very important things you need to know to maximize the success of the product and avoid premature degradation.

Only use mild soap and water to clean

While polycarbonate is very strong in regards to impact, it is prone to scratching. Using harsh chemicals or dirty water could mar the surface. Make sure to change the soapy water often while washing the twin wall to avoid grit damaging the surface.

Always install with the film facing outwards

Only one side of twin wall polycarbonate comes with a UV-protective film, which is often clear or light blue. The other side is often masked to protect against scratches and UV but meant to be peeled once installed.

Use a rubber coated washer when you fasten

When you screw in the twin wall to the frame be sure the screws have rubber coated washers. These reduce the pressure on the plastic because remember it is made up of thin walls.

Store in a dark area

If you’re not installing the twin wall right away, store it in a dark area like a garage. The UV mask does not last forever and you will be using up needlessly the sun exposure meant for the product when installed. In addition, the masking can become difficult to remove when exposed to light and heat.

Don’t worry about tapping a large screw hole

Twin wall polycarbonate expands and contracts due to heat to the ratio of 1/8″ per 100 degrees Fahrenheit of change. Having a larger screw hole will provide some important ‘give’ during temperature fluctuations.

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